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Universal Laptop Power Adapters and Chargers

One of the key features of universal laptop power adapters and chargers is their versatility. They come with a standard power cable for plugging into the mains, but also have various different interchangeable jack sizes for the end that plugs into your laptop or netbook.

Advantages of universal laptop adapters

If your original power adapter cable has become damaged somehow, or perhaps you've left it behind somewhere on your travels, you'll want to get a replacement so that you can continue to charge your portable computer successfully. Or perhaps you want to simply have another power cable available for travelling or putting in a different room, so you don't have to unplug the original charger when moving to another area in your home.

You may also have more than one laptop that requires charging, which is where the multiple different input jacks that come with a universal power adapter can allow you to use the same cable for charging multiple different computers.

Types of universal chargers

Universal adapters come with multiple input jacks that can be fitted on the end of the cable. This enables you to plug them into different types of laptops, each of which will have its own sized input jack slot for plugging into.

The range of different jack sockets varies considerably, with some power adapter kits coming with as many as 12 different jack ends, enabling you to find exactly the right jack size to fit your laptop.

Some of the power adapters you can purchase are available in DC (Direct Current) mode, which enables you to plug them into your car's cigar lighter/charging socket, for charging your laptop battery while on the road.

You may also find that some of the universal power charging cables have different international adapters for the end that plugs into the mains power supply, allowing you to use them while travelling abroad.

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