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Get Easy and Complete Web Encryption With a VPN Router

A VPN router is a type of router that makes it easy to connect multiple remote devices to a network. It offers a more robust, secure, and consistent Wi-Fi experience than a standard router. The router saves you from having to install a VPN app on individual devices, since all connected devices are automatically protected. If you're on the lookout for VPN routers, head to eBay for options.

What are a VPN router's advantages?

A VPN router’s built-in VPN connection is courtesy of VPN client software that is pre-installed. Assuming you are already familiar with VPN technology, let's dig straight into VPN router benefits:

  • Secure remote connectivity: The router helps remotely connect to the internal resources and data of your company from anywhere, anytime.
  • Protects everything: Even devices, such as gaming consoles and smart TVs, that cannot be individually protected with VPN software can have a secure Wi-Fi connection, thanks to VPN routers.
  • Always-on security: VPN functions are permanently enabled. A VPN router removes the need to manually connect to VPN software every time you want your online communications encrypted.
What are the different types of VPN routers?

Not all VPN routers are built the same. The various types include:

  • Pre-flashed router: A pre-flashed router works for both VPN novices and savvy enthusiasts. The router skips the complications that are attached to firmware flashing.
  • VPN-compatible router: This is a router compatible with VPN right out of the box. The baked-in VPN capabilities make sure you need not flash fresh firmware or connect the router to another router.
  • Flash router with VPN firmware: Flashing the router with VPN firmware is basically installing new firmware onto the router. These are routers with VPN capabilities but require flashing to work as a VPN router.
What is VPN firmware?

The term ‘firmware’ refers to the operating system of your router. The OS pretty much dictates the hardware’s capabilities and limitations, and the type of firmware you install will determine your router’s wireless range, bandwidth regulation, security levels, VPN protocols, and manufacturer backdoor disabling. Certain firmware may not work on all VPN-compatible routers. Therefore, if you’re looking for a router on eBay with the intent to install a specific firmware, check the manufacturer's website for capability details.

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