Accentuate your Window with an Attractive Valance

To change the feel of an entire room, use a valance. There are several styles on eBay for you to choose from, and each conceals your curtain rods while making your living room or bedroom look vibrant.

Are valances made with jacquard fabric available?

Yes. Vendors on eBay have valances made with jacquard fabric, which will accentuate the colours of your kitchen or living room. Some of these have scalloped edges, which add a cosy feel to a country kitchen. Dark braid edging in colours, such as red and mauve, complements these.

Benefit from light-filtering valances

Several valances on eBay have light-filtering properties, which allow them to filter out some natural light in bright areas. Made from a combination of cotton and polyester, these can easily accommodate rods with a diameter of 1.25 inches. These may be lined or unlined, and come in a variety of patterns. Geometric or floral designs add texture to living rooms while blocking unwanted light.

What type of valance fabric is best for you?

Vendors on eBay have valances that are made from several fabrics. The most popular ones are 100% linen, 100% cotton, and 100% polyester. If you prefer environmentally-friendly fabrics, 100% linen and 100% cotton are good options and are available in several bright shades. These often have a soft vintage feel and are highly breathable. Many people also select valances made from blended fabrics, which are stronger than 100% fabrics. Linen and polyester blends work well for humid environments because they dry quickly. While selecting valances, remember that:

  • Shades that are darker or lighter than your wall create depth.
  • Silk and faux silk balloon valances add a crisp look to any room.
  • Valances made of faux silk are always available in lined options.
Ascot valances for living rooms in strong, solid shades

An Ascot valance has triangular edges, which are usually highlighted with tassels. The downward-facing points break up the monotony of a plain wall, while the tassels add elegance. These valances are ideal for living rooms in solid colours since you can make them the focal point. If you have furniture with a bold pattern, select a coordinating shade for your valance, so the room appears calm.

An Ascot valance can be used with windows that have an awkward shape, and the sheer volume of options from eBay will add texture to any room. They can be paired with panels or used as they are, to lightly filter sunlight, reducing glare and protecting furniture from UV damage.