Imberse Yourself in the Virtual with a Vectrex

Although it only saw production between 1982 and 1984, the Vectrex computer’s legacy remains strong amongst its followers. An ideal machine for video gaming, the games console works by displaying vector graphics on a simple monitor. Vectrex games, consoles, and accessories are available on eBay. 

What is a Vector monitor? 

In the simplest of terms, a vector monitor displays images using lines. In contrast to raster graphics, which function by displaying glowing pixels, electron beams are used to create the images in a vector monitor. Whilst colour displays are also possible using a vector display, the Vectrex remained a monochrome machine, using overlays for the monitor to create colour. 

What games can be played on this machine? 

Owing to the console’s popularity, a number of exclusive Vectrex games were produced. Several third-party options were also manufactured. The game, Mine Storm, was built into all Vectrex consoles, and others, such as Pole Position, Scramble, Asteroids, and Space Wars can be purchased. Approximately 28 games were made in total. Several of these were designed for use with the Vectrex Light Pen, a device which interacted directly with the display. 

What other features does this console offer? 

Whilst it is primarily a games console, the Vectrex has a number of exciting features. These include:  

  • 3D imager: By using a spinning disk consisting of black, red, green, and blue filters, a 3D experience could be created. The disk rotates in sync with the frame rate of the software, thus creating the 3D images from the 2D display.
  • Light Pen: This allows the user to interact directly with the images on the screen. Games that were designed for use with the Light Pen include Melody Master and AnimAction.
  • Brightness control: A feature of the monitor and a common feature of black and white televisions of that time, the brightness of the monitor’s image can be controlled by a knob at the back of the display.

Are other Vectrex products available? 

Yes. Avid fans are proud of their passion for this console, and as such, other Vectrex fan merchandise is available. Products such as fridge magnets, stickers, and protective boxes, all boasting the Vectrex logo, can easily be found on eBay. 

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