Venetian Blinds

Shut the world out with Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds add instant style to your home. Whether you choose something with contemporary style or something that fits in with traditional interiors, youll find something to kit out your home. Wood models are highly stylish whilst plastic Venetian blinds are durable and easy to clean. 

Wood Venetian blinds

Install a set of wood Venetian blinds for a stylish yet functional addition to your home. Youll find a range of different woods available, from oak and pine to mahogany and elm, in different finishes. Those finished in a glossy black are perfect for pairing with modern interiors whilst white blinds will fit in with any home. 

Simply use the twist mechanism to choose the amount of light let in and use the string pulley to open or close the blinds. 

Plastic Venetian blinds

Discover plastic Venetian blinds for something that lasts longer and is easy to clean. Simply wipe with a cloth to get rid of dust. Get these blinds in subtle colours, like white, and bold finishes, like red or deep purple. Control these plastic blinds with the tilt control pole and pull the blinds quickly with the quick-pull cord. 

Metal Venetian blinds

Perfect for modern spaces, a set of metal Venetian blinds adds contemporary charm. A set of aluminium Venetian blinds are lightweight yet durable and come in a range of finishes. Choose from matte white, grey and black blinds to finish off any room. 

Kit out your conservatory with some metal Venetian blinds designed just for it. These easy to install blinds clip to the windows in your conservatory to offer both privacy and style. The metal slats are thin and lightweight and come in a white or wood finish. 

Get a set of cordless blinds for something thats understated. Simply pull the bottom of the blinds down and they fix in place.