Vintage and Classic Tinplate and Penny Toys

Vintage and classic tinplate and penny toys are true collectibles, with models ranging from vehicles and toy guns to children’s telephones and shop scales.

Whether you’re just getting started in the world of tinplate and penny toys or an experienced collector, this selection is a great place to browse to find that perfect new addition to your collection.

For a classic feel, a tinplate Pontiac 1950s model is available, injecting a touch of vintage Americana into your collection. More obscure toys include a tinplate scarab beetle with clockwork mechanisms and opening wings, great for any vintage collector. Interactive toys include a tinplate boat with a steam powered engine - simply light a candle to get it going.

An essential item for any serious collector, the Bing ‘Boston Store’ tinplate van from 1919 comes with a windup mechanism, opening doors and a driver.

Whilst most of the valuable tin toys tend to date back pre-1965, there have been many replicas and newer models made over the years, so be sure that you know what era is your focus - particularly if you’re looking to make a wise investment.

There are several things to consider to help you make the best choice, and to ensure that you aren’t disappointed if you’re looking to purchase a rare or valuable item. One of the factors that plays a big part in value is the date of the toy, alongside the name of the manufacturer. Vintage tin toys that are held in particular esteem include trains from the 1950s and 1960s that were made by companies such as Marx, American Flyer and Lionel.

It’s also generally true that the better the condition of the toy, the more it is likely to be worth. These classic tin toys are usually very old and often well used, so finding one in a brand new condition may be rather difficult.