Other Vintage and Classic Toys

Collecting toys is a fun and exciting hobby, with items from a wide range of different eras and niches available to collectors. This range of other vintage and classic toys is perfect for those who have an established collection that they are looking to grow, or for those who are looking to start a collection and have a clear idea of where they are looking to focus.

For those looking to add some classic charm to their collection, a vintage toy monkey is available. Dressed in a trousers and a scarf, this monkey toy is a great collectible. To further go with this vintage theme, a Comet miniature sewing machine features classic charm. The old design ensures that it would fit well with a collection of vintage toys and items.

For something that can actually be used, the newer TOMY Screwball Scramble marble game mixes skill with fun - a board game with the objective of getting the marble from one end to the other.

Original design Stretch Armstrong toys, also known as Vac Man, are available. These toys are a blast from the past - buy one for your collection or get one for your kids and give them a taste of your childhood.

Vintage Action Man figures are also available. Show your kids what you used to play with or add them to your personal collection.

Mighty Max miniature toy sets let you play with your toys on the go - the mini figures fit inside the case, often styled as a giant snake, zombie or skull.

If you’re looking to add a complete set to your collection, a Monster In My Pocket set is available. This set is great for those who are looking to start collecting, or already have, as it comes with a full Volcano set.

Perfect for the collector who grew up in the 80s, amazing condition Boglin toys are available. This creepy little monster comes fully boxed and in mint condition, an amazing addition to any collection.