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Vintage Classic Toys

With today's children ever more glued to their mobile phones and video games, it's good to know that you can still find a wide range of classic toys and vintage toys available on eBay. These toys teleport you back to a simpler time when marbles and magic sets were the must-have items to play with.

Of course, many classic and vintage toys are still popular today, such as classic wooden rocking horses and outdoor toys like boomerangs and Frisbees. You can find reproduction versions of these for very affordable prices, as well as original models that are more of an investment than a toy.

Before the advent of video games, interactive play meant using your imagination with magic sets, trick and joke sets, puppets and even chemistry sets. These toys and kits are still available on eBay to stimulate the imagination of a new generation and get them away from screens.

Exploring the range of vintage toys can be very nostalgic, with many of the classic brands from the past still available, including Etch-a-Sketch, Weebles, Slinky and Stretch Armstrong. You'll also find a great selection of clockwork and wind up toys that will never need new batteries!

For many people, collecting classic and vintage toys is a serious hobby, with tin plate toys a particular favourite. Classic tin robots from the 1950s and 60s can fetch several thousand pounds in pristine condition, with even worn vintage tin plate toys commanding significant money.

Kaleidoscopes and View-Master slide shows may seem tame today, compared to the vast amount of videos available online, but they have a simple charm that still fascinates collectors. Going even further back, Zoetrope machines from the 19th century remind us of a time before we even had the magic of movies.

So whether you're taking a trip down memory lane, adding to your collection or just trying to show your children what play used to be like, check out the choice of classic and vintage games from yesteryear.