0 bids
    £20.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 5:26PM GMT5d 17hClick & CollectDecade: 1970 s
  • 1970s commodore hollowbody electric guitar, 335 doublecut vintage

    0 bids
    £22.00 postage
    Ending Thursday at 10:56PM GMT2d 23hClick & CollectDecade: 1970 s
  • Charvel Model 1a 1986 Ferrari Red made in Japan in great condition + OHC

    Its in really good shape for 30 years. All electrics work as they should. Frets are good.
    Click & Collect
    £10.00 postage
    14 watching

    0 bids
    £14.75 postage
    Ending 19 Nov at 8:27AM GMT6d 8hClick & CollectDecade: 1970 s
  • Watkins Rapier 33 C1960-62

    The sound is just what you’d expect from a Rapier 33 with its brilliantly sensitive whammy bar and jangly 60s tones. It’s fully functional early model with a glued neck rather than the later screwed in neck.
    0 bids
    £15.00 postage
    Ending Thursday at 10:25AM GMT2d 10hClick & CollectDecade: 1960 s
  • New listingTokai SX-38 Original Series Black Electric Guitar Early 80s Vintage

    Gorgeous Tokai SX-38 electric guitar in very good condition and full working order. As you can see from the photos it's still looking great and has been well looked after. I think this is quite a rare guitar here in the UK, there's very little info available on the net.
    Click & Collect
    £11.95 postage
  • New listingVintage Arbiter/Teisco SG Electric Guitar

    From late 60's early 70's. In working condition.
    0 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending 22 Nov at 10:10PM GMT9d 22hClick & Collect
  • TEISCO ELECTRIC GUITAR 1970's. P90 upgrade. Video link for demo

    Originally a Woolworth's guitar made by Teisco. I was kind of lucky. I bought 2 a couple of years ago: One looked OK but played awful (intonation impossible to correct) The other. I think a modern pickup selector switch would improve things further.
    0 bids
    £8.90 postage
    Ending Wednesday at 12:02PM GMT1d 12hClick & CollectDecade: 1970 s
  • Vintage Famos Arch Top Guitar 1958/9 completely refurbished and set up.

    1958/9 FAMOS archtop guitar, refurbished with neck reset. The guitar has a short scale, non radiused neck which is straight with a low action. There is no truss rod. Everything is original except for the floating pick up, scratch plate and bracket, new wiring and knobs for volume and tone and a three plate piezo wired to an independent input jack. It is full of the usual and attractive stabilised and refinished dents and dings and it has a deep, resonant and woody jazz tone whether acoustic or amplified .The body is unbound. I would like to swap for a suitable archtop for restoration so if you are interested let me know.
    0 bids
    £9.79 postage
    Ending Saturday at 3:19PM GMT4d 15h
    or Best Offer
    Click & CollectDecade: 1950 s
  • Stratocaster with Les Paul bridge, quality neck & body. Gig bag.

    No issues, all working with good string spacing, good action and good intonation. Body and neck are quality although not sure what brand of guitar they came from (probably Squier). Back spring cavity filled in and socket moved. Les Paul style bridge fitted. Re-sprayed to a reasonable finish but headstock has had a decal removed so is slightly faded. Electrics are new so no crackles and both tone controls and switch working perfectly. Basic gig bag included. (Two dented tuner covers but tuners works fine). Collect only.
    0 bidsEnding Thursday at 9:04PM GMT2d 21hCollection in person
  • 1989 Rare All Original Black Kramer NightSwan Vivian Campbell Buddy Blaze

    (Who knows?). - It has the unfortunate & common High E Screw Hole Crack (this is not all the way through and does not affect the guitar in any way!). Again, this is unfortunate & common on older guitarsand does not affect the guitar in any way! ).
    2 bids
    £25.00 postage
    Ending Saturday at 12:00PM GMT4d 12h
  • New listingLate 1970s or early 1980s CIMAR LP guitar Made in Japan Nice player Good Action

    This guitar plays very nicely. The decoration is slightly worn. The D & G tuners wobble a bit but actually hold tune fine. Body: Light scratches from play wear. One tiny chip on the front lower edge.
    Click & Collect
    £18.00 postage
    Decade: 1980 s
  • 1960/70s Vintage Antoria Semi-Acoustic Bass Guitar

    A lovely bass in good condition. Guitar plays great.
    Collection in personDecade: 1960 s
  • Columbus Offset Guitar Made In Japan

    Never been played, there is no fret wear, no crackles on the knobs. Made in Japan, original paint with racing stripes. Good collection to add on for collectors and offset guitar players. See my other guitar adverts!
    Click & Collect
    £20.00 postage
    or Best Offer
    24 watching
  • New listingGEORGE FORMBY  BANJOLELE  DALLAS 'B' Signature model with original case

    This is my Dad's George Formby banjolele, which he bought new. It's the Dallas 'B', number 6046, in its original case. The signature has faded but I've changed the picture contrast in photo 7 and highlighted what's left of it.
    0 bids
    Free postage
    Ending 19 Nov at 7:01PM GMT6d 19h
  • Dobro Resonator Mandolin

    This is what I think is a Dobro resonator mandolin. It is strung and playing well.
    0 bids
    £20.00 postage
    Ending Thursday at 8:56PM GMT2d 21hClick & Collect
  • Vox Standard 25 Electric Guitar

    A really nice early 80's Japanese made Vox Standard 25. Maple body, maple neck. Gloss black finish with cream scratch plate. It's been a while since its been played, so could do with setting up properly by the new owner.
    Collection in person
  • New listingViolin sound, good condition with Bow, Nice chin rest. Only needs Clean adjust

    Violin sound, good condition with Bow.
    1 bid
    Free postage
    Ending 19 Nov at 7:24PM GMT6d 19hClick & Collect

    A Boosey & Hawkes Imperial Wooden Clarinet. Sold as a repair project, well worth saving, all as detailed below. All Corks / Pads present, they look to be in good order. Both of the above will need to be assessed by a Player.
    12 bids
    £4.95 postage
    Ending Sunday at 9:10PM GMT5d 21h
  • Acoustic guitar Gallotone Champion 1950s collectors

    Gallotone guitar in reasonable condition for its age, comes in original soft bag. A Gallotone was John Lennon's first guitar (and he didn't do so bad!) Not a musician but any questions please ask and I'll do my best.
    8 bids
    £5.55 postage
    Ending Wednesday at 9:46PM GMT1d 22hClick & CollectDecade: 1950 s
  • TEN STRING FLAT BACK MANDOLIN by carlo rinaldi

    This is a ten string mandolin with three strings for E and A and two for D and G. Carlos Rinaldi, NAPOLI. All the machine heads turn.
    2 bids
    £13.00 postage
    Ending 20 Nov at 8:36PM GMT7d 20h

    Case also as scuffs scratches, marks and wear.
    39 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending Tuesday at 2:35AM GMT2h 57m
  • Bell Accordion Model S12624 .Horner case

    Used and in fully working order. Good conditions
    0 bids
    £12.99 postage
    Ending Tuesday at 8:47PM GMT21h 9mClick & Collect
  • Hammond organ M102 vintage 1960s. 

    Working order but would benefit from a service as been in storage for the last couple of years...Woodwork , keys and tabs all as should be ..for some reason the bottom manual only works with that vibrato tab in the on position ...bass pedals all working as does the volume pedal ..has external jack socket so can be connected to amplifier..Not fitted with Leslie connection ..music stand on top ..
    0 bids
    or Best Offer
    Ending Saturday at 2:33PM GMT4d 14hCollection in personDecade: 1960 s
  • Vox Beatles Bass Cabinet 4x12 (no speakers)

    Vox bass Beatles cabinet. 4x12, no speakers Use to be mounted on a chrome stand, but over the years it has had things done to it, the back is now enclosed and a front ported put in and carrying handles and straps put on, needs a new front diamond cloth.. needs some TLC. Would look great in a Beatles tribute band
    0 bidsEnding Saturday at 4:59PM GMT4d 17hCollection in person
  • Vintage Wooden 8 String Mandolin with Inlaid Butterflies

    Looks to be in good order. Good Luck.
    4 bids
    £6.05 postage
    Ending Tuesday at 11:58AM GMT12h 20mClick & Collect

    4 bids
    £18.95 postage
    Ending Sunday at 12:44PM GMT5d 13h
  • hohner melodica

    Hofner melodic professional 36. Vintage but seems in reasonable condition. Has mouth piece but looking at other examples is it missing air tube? I am certainly not familiar with instrument so no expert. Slight damage to cork seal but not serious. I can get sound out of it ok so it works. Discovered in the loft no idea where it came from but it's a fun little instrument to mess around with.
    2 bids
    £5.50 postage
    Ending Sunday at 3:42PM GMT5d 16h

    Serial number 17562. Not in playing order.
    1 bid
    £13.00 postage
    Ending 21 Nov at 2:31PM GMT8d 14hClick & Collect

    It has varnished wooden mahog. ends; 48 buttons and a 4-fold bellows. Brass reeds are quieter, and slightly slower to sound than steel reeds.
    0 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 4:36PM GMT5d 16h
    or Best Offer
    Click & Collect

    A VERY NICE ANTIQUE BRITISH 5 STRING BANJO IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. Having looked on many sites I would guess this to have been made in the 1920s.
    0 bids
    £15.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 5:44PM GMT5d 18h
  • 12 x Assorted Vintage Musical Instruments Inc. Harmonicas & Recorders

    Harmonicas & Recorders Etc. Quantity 12. Signs of age & use.
    5 bids
    £4.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 9:18PM GMT5d 21h

    CONDITION : Clearly the flute has been well used as it has scattered surface marks / scratches, a crack / break in the silver coloured ring at the wider, far end, and a split ca. 35mm long in the body material running away from the middle silver coloured ring.
    4 bids
    £3.99 postage
    Ending Wednesday at 6:01PM GMT1d 18h
  • Two Vintage Harmony Ukulele

    Selling two vintage Harmony ukuleles. One with the standard Harmony label on headstock and the other with a 'Standard Approved' label on the inside of the body, according to research I did this appears to have been a label used by the Harmony brand for a period from the 1927- (approx.) . The Harmony labelled uke has some separation between the back and sides so needs a bit of glue and some new strings, otherwise is in good shape. The 'Standard Approved' uke has one fret wire missing on the last fret of the fretboard, and could use a set of new tuners as they don't work particularly well (if you want to replace the originals is a matter of taste), otherwise it too is in good shape. Everything is shown in the pics. Feel free to message with any questions:)
    0 bids
    £10.95 postage
    Ending Tuesday at 6:03PM GMT18h 25m
    or Best Offer
  • New listingHohner Organetta Ill Piano Accordion

    1 bidEnding 19 Nov at 4:37PM GMT6d 16hCollection in person
  • Vintage Orange Scala Chord Organ

    Beautiful orange coloured chord fan organ by Italian company Scala. Full working order. Wonderful sound. Includes legs and case. Could deliver to area within 20 miles of Sheffield for an additional £5. Otherwise it is collection only due to size.
    0 bidsEnding Tuesday at 12:35PM GMT12h 57mCollection in person
  • New listingAntique Rosewood Boehm Flute by A.H. Langois London c1910 Woodwind Instrument

    Antique nickel mounted rosewood flute from A.H. Langois London c1910 in good condition with no cracks to wood, as pictured. Condition:needs a clean, wear to cork end (see photo 11) case hinges are worn.
    1 bid
    £3.99 postage
    Ending 19 Nov at 7:42PM GMT6d 20hDecade: 1910 s
  • Original Stylophone

    No adaptor. Was an original first time round.is dusty due to been in the loft.lots of wear does not work
    0 bids
    £2.95 postage
    Ending Thursday at 5:56PM GMT2d 18h
    or Best Offer
  • Hofner Guitar:President E1:Vintage 1962:Archtop:Well looked after.

    Hofner,Hardwood,original,adjustable Bridge and iconic,Lyre,Tailpiece.
    Click & Collect
    Free postage
    Decade: 1960 s
    or Best Offer
  • Piano Accordian 48 Bass 26 Keys

    Beautiful piano accordion 48 Bass 26 keys, comes with original carry case.
    1 bidEnding Wednesday at 2:00PM GMT1d 14hCollection in person
  • Small Hohner single row accordian

    Single row Hohner accordian. Made in Germany. Everything seems to work fine. No leaks in the bellows. Welcome to look before buying. From smoke free home. No case included but packaging will be appropriate to avoid any damage.
    0 bids
    £5.55 postage
    Ending Sunday at 5:38PM GMT5d 18hClick & Collect
  •  Vintage Accessory Box Hawkes musical instruments

    Cardboard box approx 4 inches by1 1/4 inches by 2 3/4 inches.metal corner strengtheners.shows wear .Not sure what was originally used for mouth piece or reeds maybe.
    0 bids
    £2.95 postage
    Ending Friday at 11:47AM GMT3d 12h

    Carry case with its fitted interior also in top rate condition. The serial number 531384 which dates it to around the 1980’s.
    1 bid
    £2.00 postage
    Ending Tuesday at 12:47PM GMT13h 9m
  • melodeon

    0 bids
    £15.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 7:29PM GMT5d 19hClick & Collect
  • a vintage bugle

    5 bids
    £2.99 postage
    Ending Wednesday at 11:55AM GMT1d 12hClick & Collect
  • RARE Koestler Suitcase Harmophone Piano Keyboard Vintage 1960s Black / Tan

    Also known as a fan organ, a reed organ, and a Harmophone. HARMOPHONE - YouTube. This electric suitcase air organ functions well. Suitcase latches work great and case is nice and sturdy. It uses an electric fan to pump air through the reeds.
    0 bids
    £20.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 7:45PM GMT5d 20hClick & CollectDecade: 1960 s

    0 bids
    £7.20 postage
    Ending Wednesday at 12:09PM GMT1d 12h
    or Best Offer
    Click & Collect
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