Vintage Record Players/Turntables

Vintage Record Players and Turntables

For many, playing vinyl records on a record player has never gone out of fashion. Many people prefer the more humble sound and the iconic pops and crackles of an old record. Many modern bands have begun to release their albums in vinyl format alongside CDs leading to a recent upsurge in the popularity or vintage record players and turntables.

Advantages of Buying Vintage

Vintage record players and turntables offer a relatively inexpensive option for playing vinyl records whilst adding retro charm to your interior decor and there are a great many available too. The reasons for purchase maybe equally as varied, but its certain that, whether for nostalgia, for collecting or for spares and repairs, vintage record players offer a sound investment at an affordable range of prices. Often made with wood panelling, vintage record players can work as a centrepiece for your living room.

Buying Tips

By their very nature, vintage record players are going to be old and well used. When buying, things to look out for include the condition of the stylus, the platter, the attached cables, the movement of the arm and whether the motor still keeps its RPM.

Repair or Buy Mint

It is worth bearing in mind in what condition you are willing to purchase a record player. If youre confident with repair work then you have a bigger choice. If youre not, then limit the range of record players and turntables youre looking at to those that have been sparingly used or lovingly refurbished.

Vintage Stereograms

Stereograms consist of record decks, radios, amplifiers and stereo speakers contained in hardwood or veneered cabinets. They look magnificent and are perfect for adding a touch of vintage style to any room. Pre-owned stereograms are available, including HMV and Ferguson models. For those with the room, vintage stereograms are eminently collectible.