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Vintage Video & VCRs

Sorting Out Your Entertainment with a Suitable VCR Player

The recording and playback functionalities of a VCR player remain useful, even with advanced entertainment options. Besides playing old VHS tapes, you can find DVR players with inbuilt digital TV and other functionalities. eBay carries VCRs from all the top brands.

Can a vintage VCR connect to an HD TV?

Your VCR video player will work with an HD television without any trouble if the connections are made correctly. Be sure to use the right cables for this, which can be coaxial or audio/video. If your VHS player doesn’t have a coaxial output, and the TV lacks AV support, an RCA-to-HDMI adapter can be used. Most flat-screen TVs can play VCR on channel 3 or 4 but check with the manufacturer specifications first. Some VCR players require you to adjust the channel on the player rather than the TV.

What is a DVD/VCR combo player?

An alternative to buying a vintage VCR player is a DVD/VCR combo, which plays VHS tapes and DVDs. With this device, you get basic VHS functionality, so once you connect the player to a TV, you can record onto VHS. The player comes with other features like audio playback, slow motion, and still frame. It is also possible to record DVD to VHS and vice versa. The format varies from one device to another. Most CD formats will play on a DVD/VCR combo.

What should you consider in a used VCR?

Although new VCR players are available, used ones are preferred choices when looking for vintage or discontinued models. You can find refurbished players that deliver good performance and are compatible with various systems. However, the right VHS player varies with buyers. Here are some factors:

  • Decide if you prefer a dual-deck DVD/VCR or a standalone unit. If you want a VCR player that offers greater functionality, a combo unit is a practical choice.
  • The compatibility of the player is critical. Can the DVD/VCR player record DVD-R or DVD-RW or both? Ask if a VCR player accepts CDs and in which format. Most combo units play DivX and MP3. Ensure that the playing capabilities meet your entertainment requirements.
  • The outputs that a VCR video player comes with are important. Check if the VCR has a coax port to connect to a TV. If a player doesn’t support coaxial, check if it has an HDMI output.
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