Drive Back in Time With a Classic Volkswagen Car

Whether you are looking to restore a beloved VW Beetle or you want a classic VW Golf as a commuter car, eBay is the place to shop. Instead of visiting classic VW dealers in the UK, find what you want at the most affordable prices on eBay.

Are these vehicles in running order?

Many of these vehicles are in running order while others are salvageable for spares and repairs. You can find a classic VW Beetle for sale with as low as 400 miles on its new engine. There is also a classic VW Golf MK1 for sale that is ready to become your restoration project. Some vehicles run well but may require upgrades to the interiors. You can find information about the overall condition of the vehicle, total mileage, and service history within the listing to give you an idea of how well it was kept.

Types of classic Volkswagens for sale in the UK

You are likely to find nearly any vehicle Volkswagen has made for sale on eBay. There are pre-owned trucks, sedans, coupés, campervans, and convertibles available, making it easy to find the right vehicle. You will find both automatic and manual transmissions and some affordable VWs with diesel engines. In addition to cars like the classic VW Golf MK1 for sale, you can also find:

  • MK2 GTI Golf
  • VW Variant
  • VW Split Screen camper
  • Classic VW Beetle
  • VW Golf Cabriolet
Features of VW classic cars

With so many different types of VW vehicles, you are left with loads of different features. For example, you could find an MK2 Golf GTI for sale on eBay that has already been fitted with new lights and alloy wheels or maybe an MK1 Golf for sale with its original interior. Some have exterior upgrades that make them suitable for racing cars. Most of the vehicles do include AM/FM radios, seat belts, roll-down windows, and key-locking doors.

How to find the right VW classic car

Finding the right classic VW is simple when shopping on eBay. Simply, determine how much money you can spend and begin your search. You can quickly compare different vehicles and their features side by side to determine which one suits your needs in the comfort of your own home. There are many vehicles that will fit your budget whether you want a completely restored classic, a good commuter car, or a fixer-upper project.