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Wall Hangings

Offering a great design feature and providing decoration to any room in the house, wall hangings are the ideal way to brighten up a wall with a focal point or feature. Depending on whether you like traditional design or contemporary features, you can find a style to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can find a wall hanging that represents your culture or reminds you of your travels so your wall can be a part of your personality.

Animal Heads

For a new twist on a traditional design, you can find replica animal heads such as a mounted stag or deer. Instead of using a real animal, these wall hangings may choose to interpret the design in a different material such as metal or wood. Animal head wall hangings are an excellent way of adding the cosiness of a hunting lodge to your home.


For intricate design and vibrant colours, you can find fabric wall hangings. Some of the popular tapestry ideas include a bold mandala or traditional scenes from cultures. You can find many different tapestries each with their own unique design. Popular tapestry wall hangings include a scene from India and Buddhist symbols.


To give art texture and life, canvas prints are a great focal point for a room. Canvases are easy to instal in a room and allow the print to be the focal point instead of a frame. You can find many different types of prints on canvas such as photographs, scenery or popular artwork such as Banksy prints. Prints can be split across several canvas frames to provide a set. These canvases can be different shapes and sizes to offer a unique feature yet still provide continuity of the print.


Metal wall hangings can be sculptures and works of art using twisted metal to create contemporary images. Metal wall hangings will often include paint or gems to add colour to the image. Metal artwork can cover a range of themes such as trees and plants, to more abstract pieces.