Wallpaper rolls & sheets for the perfect interior

DIY enthusiasts will agree that there's nothing more rewarding than finding that perfect wallpaper for a room. You can find a huge variety of wallpaper rolls and sheets on eBay, giving you all the inspiration you need when decorating your home. 

Things to consider include not only the style you're looking to create but also the colour, pattern and the texture. You may be looking for a designer piece, or something that's functional but classy. 

Wallpaper design

Design details will cover everything from colour to the pattern. You will also find different types of wallpaper for different surfaces, such as walls or ceilings. Take your time when looking at designs. This will be the boldest choice you'll make, and it will have the biggest effect on the final look of the room. 

Colours span the full spectrum, and patterns can include anything from 3D to plain, or intricate pictures and pleasant floral wallpaper. A geometric wallpaper roll or sheet will add an eye-catching style to your walls, or choose something depicting the sea for a calming effect. 


Wallpaper is a very tactile thing, and if you get it right, you'll be doing more than adding something to appeal to the eye. A beautifully finished wallpaper will also invite people to stop and appreciate how it feels to the touch. 

Finishes can include smooth coasted fabrics, paintable designs, flocked paper, vinyl coated varieties and embossed wallpapers. These are particularly useful if you're an artist with a flair for creating your own finishing touches. 


Different styles take their inspiration for themes or eras, giving you an instant effect without going through all he individual design features yourself. Perhaps a country theme is what you're after, or art deco, or even pop art. A quick look into alternative styles can provide some useful guidance.  

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