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Flexible Ducting Improves Drying Functionality

Your tumble dryer usually will run the way you would expect if maintained regularly. Dryer ducts sometimes need cleaning to maximise airflow to and from your machine. Parts sometimes need replacement, however, so look for the flexible ducting on eBay that can improve drying performance.

What size flexible ducting do you need?

Most of them are about 102 millimetres or 4 inches in diameter to use for standard dryer connections. The lengths of the flexible tubes vary to accommodate the amount of distance you need from the dryer to the vent. These tips will help you choose the right replacement duct or hose for your dryer:

  • Hose diameter inspection -- Even if most are the standard dryer hose size, examine the opening from your dryer as well as the connection to your wall vent to make sure.
  • Hose measurement -- Find out the length of the hose you want to replace and look for one comparable to it.
  • Determination of connection type -- Look at the ends and note how the hose might hook up to the wall or the dryer. Some snap into place, while others may require a clamp or fasten with screws.
What materials make up flexible ducting?

Flexible plastic, such as vinyl, typically makes up this type of ducting. However, some are constructed of an aluminium foil that bends when you manoeuvre it in the direction you need it.

Is it time to replace your dryer hose?

Inspect it to see if it has some worn spots in it. You also may notice some rips, frays, or holes in it. Even if not, you would benefit from changing the tubing every few years to keep your dryer running like it should. In any case, making sure your dryer hose is in optimal condition can stop heat from escaping and improve appliance safety and efficiency.

How do you know what replacement flexible tubing to use?

Finding one made for your dryer could help as long as your appliance is still in circulation. If not, you will want to pay attention to how the hose connects. Watch for pictures and part numbers and compare the descriptions with the machine and components you need to replace. If in doubt, you may want to order the tubing that comes with an adjustable clamp and corresponding hose dock. The key is to make sure you have enough leeway to add the hose to the back of the dryer and to the wall vent.

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