Watch Tools & Repair Kits

Watch Tools and Repair Kits

Watch tools and repair kits are a comprehensive selection of professional quality tools that are generally used to make minor timepiece repairs.

Different types of watch tools and repair kits

Watchmaker screwdrivers are typically supplied in a set of different sizes, with spare blades. Some screwdrivers are presented in a wooden case for easy storage.

Spring bar tools are designed for fitting and removing spring bars and band lugs. The tool has a non-slip handle and a V-edged flat tip on one end, with an adjustable fork/pint tip on the other end. A selection of pins is usually included.

Watch repair kits are professional quality kits that contain all the tools that you need in order to fix a watch. Tools include a watch case holder, a watch case opener knife, a back pry opener, spring bar tool, link remover, a selection of precision screwdrivers and other items. The tools are usually presented in a zipped carrying case.

Link/pin removers are compact sets of tools that are used to remove the link pins from a watchs metal link bracelet strap. Most sets are supplied with a selection of pin sizes, and are suitable for use on watches that have a solid or split-pin strap.

Crystal/back press tools are usually supplied in a set of variable shapes and sizes. The tools are used to close the back of the watch after repairs are completed.

Watch back opener tools are fully adjustable CRV steel construction tools that are typically supplied with a variety of different style pins.

Other practical accessories for watch tools and repair kits

When using watch tools and repair kits an adjustable hands free magnifier allows you to clearly see what you are doing. Many styles of LED head magnifying glass feature an adjustable strap for comfort fit, and 4 lenses.

Traditional spectacle style eye glasses with 20x LED magnifying lens are an alternative option.

Typical features of watch tools and repair kits

Most components of professional quality watch tools and repair kits are made from strong, durable steel, and feature non-slip, easy grip handles.

A variety of different size pins is typically included in all sets. This allows for repairs on most watch types.

All precision screwdriver sets include 1 grub screw, and are 0.9, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 and 2.00 in approximate mm size. Spare blades are included in the screwdriver pouches or cases.