Watches for Parts

Watches for Parts

Watches for parts offer a practical solution for getting a favourite watch back to full working order.

Different watches for parts

Most modern watch cases are typically made from stainless steel and are available in a selection of shapes. Some cases are supplied with the appropriate stainless steel link bracelet.

Swiss made whole movements are available as spare parts. The jewelled quartz movement watches are available in modern and classic vintage styles. Pocket watch movements with enamel dials and Roman numerals are an alternative option with many antique models making an interesting display for collectors.

Dials are available for use or collection purposes. Most modern watch dials are round in shape and feature numeral markings. Some styles also have a date window. There is a wide variety of different designs and colours to choose from. If you are a collector, classic steampunk style vintage and retro dials are supplied in lots.

Mineral and sapphire crystals protect the dial and movement, and are available in classic round and vintage rectangular shapes. Faceted crystal covers are an option for unique retro watches that boast a distinctive and original design.

Bezels add the finishing touch to a watch and also provide design character. For modern and contemporary watches, with a sports design, opt for a ceramic bezel with 60-minute time indicator.

Additional types of watches for parts

Vintage and retro pocket watches that are no longer in use are often available for spare parts. The antique watches for parts are mechanical manual wind.

Job lots that include a combination of dials, cases and/or replaceable wrist straps are also available.

Designer watches for parts include a combination of elements and collectable items. Vintage Rolex watches for parts feature classic steel oyster perpetual cases with curved Bombay lugs. Chic silver dials with gold stick time markers are also available.

Stainless steel thread crowns and tubes to fit classic vintage, retro and modern design mens watches are also supplied.

For modern and contemporary designer sports watches there is a selection of watches for parts, including waterproof watch crown push buttons. The functional and practical bevelled buttons are available in gold or silver colours.

Metal watch strap band adaptors for the contemporary Apple watch are supplied in a selection of colours options.

For the ladies, vintage Marcasite bracelets with built in watch cases are perfect for a modern watch movement and fittings.