Water Pistol Toys

Water Pistol Toys

Perfect for outdoor games and suitable for children of all ages, water pistol toys will certainly bring smiles to faces. Plastic pistols shoot water from their tips and can provide children with hours of fun! They come in a variety of different sizes and types and make great gifts for children and adults alike.

Mini water guns

Mini water guns are toys that are very small in size and perfect for the younger child. Theyre around 10cm x 7cm in size and come in a variety of different colours. Suitable for children aged three and over, mini water guns make for a great outdoor toy and are ideal for hot summer days. Why not use them in party gift bags or in a game of pass the parcel?

Water blaster

Water blasters are another type of pistol that are a much bigger than the mini water gun. They include large super soakers and double drench blasters. Offering children the ability to shoot high capacities of water, as opposed to the small amounts of water the mini water guns use, water blasters can hold up to an impressive 42 ounces of water. Youll be able to hit targets from 38 feet away and not have to keep running to the tap for a refill! Water pistol blasters are suitable for children of all ages, plus adults, who are looking for toys that will soak their enemy and competition.


Nerf is a toy company that is currently owned by Hasbro and specialises in foam based weaponry toys and sports toys, including the very popular Nerfballs and Nerf guns, also known as blasters. Nerf guns are the most popular product from the company and they sell their toys to retailers all around the world. They also have a range of super soaker guns, so why not take the opportunity to drench your opponent with a Nerf gun.

If youre looking for a water pistol toy, there is plenty of choice available. It is important that you know which type you want, so you can get the right product for your activities. Whether youre buying a gift for a child, for a party bag or a stocking filler, there is a water toy for every type of use. Enjoy hours of fun in the sun with a water pistol toy and relish in soaking your opponent and indeed cooling yourself off too.