Garden Watering Cans Keep your Plants Healthy

To make sure that your plants receive the right amount of water daily, use garden watering cans. Colourful options from eBay lift your spirits and are available in different sizes.

Are metal watering cans from eBay galvanised?

Yes. Several watering cans from eBay are galvanised, so they will resist rust and can be left outdoors. Many gardeners who grow edibles prefer metal cans since they want to avoid toxic chemicals that leach from plastic. These are heavier than some other materials but they last longer. When selecting a can consider the following:

  • The weight of the can when it is full.
  • How the can will be stored.
  • The type of plant that you will be watering.
Watering cans with long necks Vs watering cans with short necks

Plant height and density will determine what type of can you need. If you need to reach under foliage to get to the roots, a long neck will make this easy. Watering cans with short spouts or necks should are used on grown plants, and plants that are in overhead baskets. The short necks prevent dribbling and offer greater stability. A long neck makes it convenient to mist seedlings.

Where should the handle on a watering can be located?

The dexterity and strength of the person using the can will affect the choice. If a child will be watering, a large handle will improve stability, while cans with a double handle reduce the strain on one hand for people with painful joints.

Improve efficiency with the right sized watering can

You can get cans in several sizes, and one that holds two or three gallons helps to reduce the number of refills you need to make. Such watering cans are lightweight enough to be easily carried by most adults. If watering will be done by a child, choose a smaller can with a 1-gal capacity.

What are the benefits of adjustable rosettes on watering cans?

Gardeners who choose cans with adjustable rosettes have plants with different moisture requirements. A rosette allows you to mist delicate plants and seedlings while ensuring that plants that are bearing fruit, flowers, or vegetables are completely soaked.

The controls on watering cans allow gardeners to adjust the speed of pouring for various soil types and spread water evenly to get to the roots. Many daisy heads or rosettes on coloured watering cans may be removed for easy cleaning if the holes become clogged, and some can be transformed into funnels.