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Waterproof Mattress Protectors Keep Things Dry

Night spells and old age aren’t the only reasons you should protect your mattress. Keeping its surface dry allows you to keep that mattress without having to replace it. There’s a simple way to stop moisture, and a search on eBay could be your first way to save.

Are waterproof mattress protectors easy to sleep on?

Waterproof mattress protectors are designed thin to easily fit underneath your bed linings. They can be placed deep to protect your mattress directly or on top of the sheets also. The higher the amount of synthetic compounds used, the more likely noise will be made or that textures will be felt. This is why you have a few options to consider based on your needs. Cloth provides a soft material that can be woven for waterproof performance but with little notice of its layer underneath.

Are waterproof mattress protectors disposable?

Some listed items on eBay are disposable. These are used only one time, while others have more developed compounds that you can wash and replace. Temporary mattress protectors are suitable for hosting guests and giving them something no one else has slept on. Disposable items come in large packages for use again at a later time.

How will a mattress protector work with your bed?

The size or design of your bed is where you start finding the right fit that will work. Here are a few features to ensure that any mattress you use can be waterproofed.

  • Fitted sizes: All sizes of protectors are manufactured for all size beds. These common settings include singles, doubles, twins, queens, and kings. Tapered fittings close in at the corners to snugly fit around the mattress. People can sleep on them without the protectors moving or coming off.
  • Tested cloths: The terry towel uses a treated technology to turn soft fabrics into waterproof materials. These can be washed and some simply don’t absorb fluids.
  • Poreless synthetics: PVC is the first option of manufacturers when creating waterproof seals that no moisture passes through. These synthetics are reusable.
  • Sized pads: Pads are absorbent cloths very similar to towels. They’re fitted to a specific size and even add soft layers to your mattress. The pads are fitted underneath your covers or placed directly under babies for a quick clean if need be.
  • Pest-protected: The protection against bed bugs is important if you want to choose the right cover. Waterproof options are constructed without seams so insects will find it hard to hide. Synthetics and the way they are weaved keep pests from eating through your protection. Allergy-proof items are also listed to account for skin sensitivities.
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