Everything You Need to Know About Buying Weathervanes

You want to know the direction that the wind is blowing, so a new weathervane is a wise choice. You might also want an antique or vintage version for decorating your garden, conservatory, or another area. On eBay, you can choose many styles, materials, and types of affordable weathervanes for sale.

What are some features of inexpensive weathervanes?

Some features include:

  • Direction indicator: Some have an N, S, E, and W so that you can easily tell the wind's direction.
  • With sundial: Some versions include a sundial for telling the time.
  • With bracket: This allows it to be mounted onto an exterior wall.
  • On base: This allows the weathervane to be placed onto the ground and stay still in heavy wind.
When to buy a pre-owned weathervane

If you like old weathervanes, then buying a pre-owned one allows you to choose styles that are otherwise difficult to find. You may also want gently used weathervanes in order to create a certain aesthetic to your garden, barn, or cottage. If you have an old farmhouse or are restoring an old barn, then pre-owned weathervanes allow you to stick with the same aesthetics.

How do you choose weathervanes?

When shopping for low-cost weathervanes, consider their:

  • Material: The options include copper, aluminium, brass, iron, steel, plastic, cement, bamboo, fibreglass, and stone.
  • Decoration: Choose from various decorative elements, including roosters, sailboats, chickens, dogs, or fantasy creatures. Even modern fictional characters from movies can be found.
  • Size: Weathervanes range in size from mini weathervanes to giant weathervanes. They can be measured at 10 to 100 centimetres wide by 30 to 80 centimetres tall. They weigh 0.5 to more than 10 kilograms.
  • Brand: Some of the options are Swen Products, Zeckos, and Countryfile weathervanes. There are also artisan and unbranded options available.
What styles are available?

The shape of the vane is just one of the attractive parts of these instruments. Adornments on the base, top, and periphery can help to add your own flair to a vane. Some of the available adornments include:

  • Cupola: These allow air to vent into the attic, and the vane mounts on top of it.
  • Free-standing: This has a stable base, allowing it to be placed onto a flat surface.
  • Mounted: This has openings for hardware so that it can be mounted onto a roof or another elevated surface.
  • Finials: These look like a weather instrument, but they are fixed in place and function as a decoration on a post.