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Weed Control Fabric

Weed control fabric is a sheet of material that is permeable, allowing air, water and nutrients to pass through.

It is designed to block the light from the sun to stop photosynthesis, preventing unwanted weeds from growing. Weed control fabric is also useful to stop your pets from digging up the garden.

Types of weed control fabric

There are two types of weed control fabric:

  • Woven – This is a stronger fabric, which can endure harsher conditions and is less likely to puncture or wear down over time
  • Non-woven – A light and cheaper option, non-woven weed control fabric can be susceptible to punctures


  • Woven – It is more beneficial in hard landscaping, such as under lawns, driveways and play areas. It is good for paths and patios and can also be used in greenhouses or polytunnels
  • Non-woven – This is suitable for soft landscaping options such as flower beds, borders and can be used to line pots and hanging baskets. It is recommended you cover non-woven weed control fabric with plenty of soil, bark and gravel.


Weed control fabric can be bought in a variety of sizes and can be easily cut down to the size you require.  It is recommended that you secure the weed control fabric in place with plastic or metal pegs, these pierce through the fabric and deep into the ground. Metal pegs are recommended for use  where the ground is very hard.


When purchasing weed control fabric it is sold with its ‘gsm’ measurement. Gsm stands for grams per square meter. The higher the gsm rating, the more heavy duty fabric you are purchasing.

Points to consider

Whilst weed control fabric is considered very effective, the fabric can reduce the amount of organic matter that reaches below the fabric. This can cause the soil to harden and will be harder for the soil to be enriched with nutrients. 

However, adding fresh mulch or wood chip to the soil when you take the fabric off the area should help to rectify the soil.

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