When mobility is restricted through a temporary issue or through disability, a wheelchair can be an excellent way to increase independent living, freedom and accessibility. There are many different types of wheelchairs available to suit a variety of needs. From manual and electric wheelchairs to sports models, its easy to find the right wheelchair for your requirements.

Manuel Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are operated by the user, or by someone pushing the wheelchair from behind. These wheelchairs are not powered by a battery and must either be driven by the handles on the wheels or by having someone to assist you by pushing on the handles behind the back of the chair. These wheelchairs also come with brakes, usually at the back of the chair and on both sets of wheels, to give you maximum security and stability. Drive Enigma wheelchairs feature all standard functionalities, are easy to use and comfortable for the user.

Motorised Wheelchairs

Motorised wheelchairs run on electric power rather than requiring manual pushing and can be charged up at home. A power wheelchair can help to propel you when you need assistance or to help you move quicker and easier. These can be especially useful when navigating hills or steep ramps as they let the user relax. The Pride Quantum 610 Powerchair offers a motor for assisted use and a comfortable padded seat.

Sports Wheelchairs

Ergonomically designed, a sports wheelchair helps to improve speed and agility for sports and athletics. There are many different types of sports wheelchairs to suit all manners of sports and games with features available to help improve your performance. Betterlife Deluxe self-propelling wheelchairs are perfect for using when playing sports.

Recliner Wheelchairs

To ensure the most comfort for the user, recliner wheelchairs can be adjusted to provide the best position for comfort and support of the wheelchair user. These chairs can be easily adjusted and tilted to make the seat more comfortable. Most brands will offer adjustments for the seat height and depth and well, as back adjustments, while still ensuring the person is safe, secure and comfortable.