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Enjoy a Comfortable Experience and Relax with a Jacuzzi Bath

The use of warm water promotes relaxation for the body and pain relief. It also works as massage to clear your mind, reduce stress levels, and soothe your muscles. A dip in a hot tub is all it takes to have all these health benefits and have a relaxing experience.

What are the benefits of soaking in hot tub baths?

Some of the Jacuzzi bath benefits when you dip into its hot water include:

  • Lowers blood pressure - Staying in a hot tub can be both relaxing and beneficial for heart disease patients. Soaking as little as 15 minutes may lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation.
  • Sleep soundly - Soaking in a hot tub promotes relaxation, and if done prior to bedtime, it will not only help you to fall asleep faster, but it will provide deeper and more relaxing sleep as your body cools down.
  • Lower blood sugar levels - Going in for a hot tub soak also stimulates beneficial effects of exercise with its heated water. Studies showed that results with a regular dip in a hot tub provided a reduction in blood sugar levels by an average of 13%.
  • Minimises joint pains - Hot tubs are a great way of applying heat to arthritic joints. Benefits of a soak in a hot tub may include relaxation of the muscles, decreased pain and joint stiffness, and greater ease when performing exercises.
What are some accessories to buy for your hot hub?

To further enjoy your spa bathtub experience, you should consider buying the following accessories available on eBay:

  • Headrest - Get more cosy and comfortable relaxing in your hot tub with a padded headrest. Lay your head back without worrying since most of the headrests available are waterproof.
  • Cover shutter - Properly maintain your Jacuzzi bath with a cover shutter lid on hand. This cover is light yet sturdy and will help keep your hot tub clean when it's not being used.
  • Air jet - When you install this in your bath, it will provide a massage mechanism using jets of air that shoots out massaging bubbles with less noise than water jets.
What are the technologies used by Jacuzzi in their baths?

Jacuzzi bathtubs provide a satisfying bath experience and deliver comfortable massages. Some of the technologies used in their models that make it more delightful include:

  • Whisper+ - With this technology installed, there is a significant reduction in the vibration and noise the baths make. Furthermore, it uses energy more efficiently in heating the water.
  • Cleanline System - Jacuzzi's water lines are designed to have anti-microbial additives providing a cleaner bath experience. Also part of this system is the acrylic sheet that helps defend against microorganisms into the surface.
  • Illumatherapy - With this technology, the LED lighting adds saturated colour to your bath providing a variety of colour moods. Lights come in four colours: red, green, blue, and yellow. Each colour stimulates different comforting effect providing more entertaining experience.
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