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Wicker Basket Dog Beds

Your dog’s resting/sleeping place is your pet’s HQ and the best place to hang out. Whether you choose a luxury wicker settee style basket or a cosy handmade cushion bed, your decision will largely be influenced by the size and weight of your beloved furry friend.

Differences between a dog basket and bed:

  • Dog baskets - A pet basket is a great place for man’s best friend to relax and snooze. Eco-friendly woven wicker baskets have a firm structure and are usually coated with protective non-toxic clear varnish for durability. The baskets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to comfortably accommodate your dog. Some baskets are also supplied with a removable cushion.
  • Dog beds - Soft and padded dog beds are generally shaped like an oversize cushion and make a comfortable chill out pad for your pet. The cosy, cushioned mattress style bed sits directly on the floor and is most suitable for larger, heavier dogs and invalid pets.

The benefits of a bed for your dog

When you have a dog it’s important to establish boundaries in the home. This usually means teaching your pet to stay off the furniture. 

A bed of their own gives your dog a sense of security and personal space to get away from the hustle and noise of the home environment; this is particularly important if you have young children at home.

Different types of dog baskets and beds

  • Wicker dog baskets - The breed and size of your dog will help you determine whether you need a wicker basket that is oval, square or raised off the ground. Small dog breeds like the Chihuahua appreciate the added security of a raised base and sides, and a removable cushion base. Medium to larger sized dogs can easily get comfortable in a wicker bed that has low sides. The traditional oval shaped wicker basket is a practical design that does the business for most pets.
  • Dog beds - Snuggly dog beds that are padded easily contour to your dog’s body shape and are available in many sizes. Thick mattress style beds can be cushion shaped or have raised sides that cocoon your dog.

Orthopedic padded beds are also available for elderly and infirm dogs.

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