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Wide Angle Camera Lens for Sony

If you are looking for a wide angle camera lens for Sony cameras and camcorders, there is an extensive collection compatible with such models available from leading optical brands including Sigma, Samyang and Zeiss amongst others, with apertures from f/1.2 to f/5.6.

A lens is considered to be 'wide angle' when its focal length is less than around 350mm. Wide angle camera lenses for Sony camera bodies are available from 8mm to 200mm.

A wide angle lens for Sony camera kits is a must have addition to the photography bag for professional and amateur photographers alike. Designed to exaggerate depth and relative size in a photo this type of lens is a boon when shooting large groups or when capturing wide angles of views such as sweeping landscapes.

Wide angle photography

Wide angle lenses provide the appearance of a far deeper amount of focus (depth of field) than a standard lens, so understanding this element to photography is essential for mastering the craft. Often, the best way to get to grips with wide angle photography is to experiment so that you can get a feel in order to produce the desired effect.

A 35mm f/2 lens can be popular starter point as this type of lens offers a moderately wide view and can have less distortion. The 35mm is also an unobtrusive size lens, which you can leave attached to your camera and use for all types of snapping on the move.

As well as being excellent for landscape photography, wide angle lenses are great for indoor use. For example, the confines of walls will often prevent you from backing up far enough to capture everything in frame. Using a wide angle lens will overcome this problem, allowing you to snap the whole room scene.

As lenses work by refracting light rays really wide angle lenses have to bend light to a far greater extent. As such, you will find that selected wide angle camera lenses may also have special coatings to enhance sharpness, reduce flare, distortions and ghosting which is caused by reflections.

Ultra wide angle lenses

Ultra wide angle lenses offer the user the capability to shoot dramatic outdoor vistas in a single shot. They also enable the user to move in extremely close to a subject and still show its environment within frame. Several ultra wide angle lenses also have aspherical elements, which deliver superior image quality and exceptional zoom ranges for fast and precise focus detection.

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