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Wilson Golf Clubs

Wilson golf clubs are known for being some of the best for both beginners and professionals. They come in a range of styles with different lofts available to suit every playing style. Wilson golf clubs range from utility clubs to putters and even wedges.

Utility Clubs

Wilson utility clubs or hybrids usually have a loft of 17 to 23 degrees. Utility clubs tend to be seen as being a cross between a fairway and a long iron. Club manufacturers state that they are ideal for making shots in the rough, which include bushes, landscaping and trees. The utility club is designed so that it is very easy to hit the ball and it has also replaced the long iron in the more recent years.


Speciality wedges are suited to gaps, lobs and sand bunkers. Wedges are below the pitching wedge in terms of the loft and they sit between 50-64 degrees. Club heads do have varying amounts of bounce and this is often determined by the thickness and the angle of the club sole. More bounce is desired when making short shorts from sand and less bounce is required when hitting on firmer ground.

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are usually made out of metal rather than wood. They are often called fairway metals. The shaft is off-centre and the flattened head allows you to hit the ball without hitting the grass at the same time. Fairway woods are ideal for shots that require the golfer to hit beyond the range of an iron, while also giving you a very high level of control over the angle of your shot and even the distance that you need the ball to travel. Fairway woods are very popular with golfing starter kits however there are many professional fairway woods available.

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