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Got one to sell?

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The Joy and Convenience of a Windows Tablet

A crossover between a traditional laptop computer and a tablet reader, a Windows tablet is compatible with all applications made for the Windows 10 operating system, combined with a convenient touchscreen interface. Whether for gaming pleasure, taking notes at school, or staying productive at work, the Windows tablet is becoming increasingly common and may replace laptops in the future. eBay has a large number of tablets suitable for all.

How long does the battery last on a Windows tablet?

Depending on the brand and model that you purchase, most tablets will last between six to twelve hours on a single charge with normal usage. However, for those seeking extended functionality away from power sources, there are a few models on eBay that may last for up to 14 hours under optimal conditions. Please keep in mind that cold temperatures and heavy use of applications can affect battery life.

Can a Windows tablet run desktop applications?

Yes. If your Windows tablet is equipped with Windows 10 or later, it will work with all software designed to run on Windows 10 desktop, as long as your tablet meets the relevant system requirements. In addition to perfect cross-compatibility of platforms, some applications are enhanced for use with a touchscreen.

Which accessories enhance the productivity of a Windows tablet?

Typically a tablet will just come with its main body and a touchscreen interface, so you will probably need wireless tools like a stylus or a keyboard to maximise productivity. Here are a few of the accessories often used by tablet owners that are also available for sale on eBay:

  • Wireless Keyboard: Keyboards come in two main formats for tablets; a standalone wireless keyboard or an integrated keyboard cover. A standalone keyboard can be wider and may have a number pad, while an integrated keyboard cover can help protect your tablet from scratches and is a more compact solution.
  • Wireless Mouse: Some applications operate more effectively with a mouse and cursor instead of touchscreen. A wireless mouse can offer the flexibility of both, depending on your specific needs.
  • Touchscreen Stylus: More precise than your hand and with shortcuts available, a stylus is helpful for creatives. Unleash the tablet’s artistic functions with a pressure-sensitive stylus that responds to your touch as a pen does on paper.
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