What You Need to Know When Selecting a Windows XP Laptop or Netbook

Designed for convenience, portability, and performance, these Windows XP laptops and netbooks pack a lot of processing power into a small unit so you can work from anywhere. These thin, light computers found in this eBay collection offer many hours of battery power and many ways to connect to the internet for easy convenience and to help you maintain a high level of productivity.

How does a laptop computer differ from a desktop computer?

Laptops offer portability and can be taken wherever you go. Chip away at work projects at the library, on holidays, or at your home. Since most laptops offer wireless internet connectivity, using them to work in different locations is even easier and more tempting. Since they are more compact, they also conserve space in smaller office spaces.

Laptops are all-in-one systems with on-board monitor, keyboard, mouse pad (or touch pad), and speakers. Peripherals can be attached to laptops, and they can be used as desktop computers. It can function on its own with no peripherals or power cable connected. They are quick to set up and use. They typically boot faster than a desktop computer to help maintain your level of productivity.

What are netbooks?

Netbooks are smaller, lighter notebook computers that usually offer less processing power than full-size laptops, but they can still be utilised for word processing, connecting to the internet, and simple web browsing tasks. Considered "small form" computers, Netbooks have paired-down operating systems with small keyboards, small screens, and less storage space than standard laptops. Many affordable options are available on eBay.

How do you keep your laptop or netbook secure?

Even though support for Windows XP has ended, you can still follow the tips below to keep your Windows XP laptop running smoothly and safely.

  • Install existing updates: All updates and security patches are still available online. Ensure that you've downloaded and installed all of them.
  • Use anti-virus protection: Install and use a current anti-virus program on your laptop, ensuring that it's kept updated at all times.
  • Manage software: Only use software that is absolutely necessary and secure. Keep these software programs updated. Remove any programs that are vulnerable or not necessary.
  • Update drivers: It's important to keep drivers updated as well.
  • Use a secure web browser If you've still been using Internet Explorer, it's time to find another web browser to use with Windows XP like Pale Moon or Midori.
  • Disable Java: This means that you will still be able to run standalone Java-based apps. Your web browser just wouldn't be able to run such content online.
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