Wine Racks

Whether you are a collector of fine wines or have several bottles left over from celebrations and birthday gifts, finding the perfect storage solution is a must. Wine collections and storage can offer an interesting feature to your home, with a variety of designs and options available. Wine racks come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials giving you plenty of choices when adding to your collection.

Style and Sophistication

For many people, matching storage solutions to their home décor or interior themes is a top priority and wine storage is no different. There is a selection of unique styles and designs to choose from which can complement a room. If your wine rack is on show in the kitchen or dining space, choosing something that creates a statement style piece is an ideal option. Metal wine racks and unique design is a great way to showcase your collection. From wall mounted racks to iron display organisers, there is something to suit a range of tastes.

Practical Storage Solutions

If you have an impressive wine collection or are looking to store a large selection of bottles, opting for practical storage options gives you extra peace of mind. Traditional style racks made from solid materials such as wood or metal can keep bottles safe, secure and organised effectively. Larger wine racks can be stored in cupboards whilst providing easy access to wine bottles.


Wine racks are not only a practical and stylish solution for wine lovers; they also make a great gift for the wine collector. Beautifully designed free standing and counter top wine racks offer a unique way to store wine whilst adding a touch of personality to the kitchen or dining space. Wine racks also provide a focal point for celebrations and parties, and teaming wine with quirky accessories such as drinks dispensers and funky glass holders, creates the perfect party piece.