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Monitor and Predict the Weather with a Wireless Weather Station

Digital wireless weather stations provide users with an easy-to-read way of monitoring the current weather and predicting upcoming weather changes. On eBay, you will find a vast selection of both new and used weather stations at prices to suit all budgets.

How do wireless weather stations work?

Weather stations work by monitoring factors such as temperature and atmospheric pressure, also known as barometric pressure. The weather station uses the information collected to record the current weather and make predictions about upcoming weather changes. Digital wireless weather stations utilise an outside sensor that is connected wirelessly to an indoor display screen which shows the data gathered and weather predictions.

What are the benefits of a wireless weather station?

Wireless capability means that the outdoor sensor can be placed wherever is convenient (within range of the display screen) No wires means that the weather station can be set up quickly and easily without having to either dig a trench to hide the wires or creating a trip hazard with trailing wires.

How are wireless weather stations powered?

The majority of home wireless weather stations are powered by either standard household batteries or small solar panels. However, exact specifications can vary depending on the make and model, so for model specific information check the manufacturer's website.

What instruments do wireless weather stations have?

As well as a thermometer for monitoring temperature and a barometer to monitor changes in atmospheric pressure, some weather stations also feature additional instruments to improve their accuracy. These can include:

  • A hygrometer for measuring humidity.
  • A pyranometer for measuring solar radiation.
  • An anemometer for measuring wind speed.
  • A rain-gauge to measure rainfall.
What other features are available?

Some wireless weather stations also offer a range of features designed to make weather stations even more accurate and user-friendly. Exact features available will vary according to make and model, but some additional features to look out for include:

  • An easy to read display, featuring the same weather symbols that you would find on the TV weather forecast.
  • The ability to download data and produce reports via an app or special computer software.
  • Algorithms to allow long-range weather forecasts.
  • An alarm which will sound if the weather falls below, or goes above a certain temperature, or if a storm is on the way.
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