Wolseley classic cars

Classic British Wolseley cars remain popular with car collectors and vehicle restoration experts alike. Their popularity on vintage race days and on special occasions like weddings shows that the vintage retro style of Wolseley motor cars still appeals. A wide range of complete and repairable cars, as well as spares and repairs parts, are available on eBay for motor enthusiasts, meaning its possible to find everything from a perfectly running museum quality car to an empty chassis that requires the full works. 

Restoration project cars

Hobbyist car repairs and restoration projects involve sourcing particular spare parts that can make or break the look and running performance of the completed vehicle. New tyres, spare brakes and interior panels all ensure that a car will run as close to how the original vehicle would have done as possible. However, for some car enthusiasts, the appeal in finding a project Wolseley car is that they can upgrade the original engine out of sight and produce a classic car with a modern engine that will give any modern race car a run for its money. 

For experienced car repairers, a bit of welding work on a rusty bonnet is not likely to deter a collector, as cosmetic work and a replica retro paint job can mimic a factory fresh Wolseley that could convince even the most hardened car fan. 

Museum quality Wolseley classic cars

For drivers who enjoy the thrill of the ride of a Wolseley without getting their hands too dirty a perfectly running museum quality car might be better. There is a wide range of fully maintained and restored Wolseley cars available to car collectors who want a vehicle that runs like new from as soon as the key is turned in the ignition. 

Many of these cars are now hired out for special events like weddings or vintage fairs and can prove a handy addition to an exclusive car fleet. However, many collectors simply want to enjoy the luxury of a vintage saloon car on a Sunday afternoon drive.