Women's Belts

Womens Belts

Perfectly complete any outfit with a selection of womens belts, whether you choose genuine leather or a jewelled fashion belt they will make a practical and stylish part of your outfit.

Choose between a variety of materials from leather to metal and elastic and a range of styles from hip belts to waist belts, skinny or chunky.

Waist Belts

To cinch in the waist for a flattering fit, choose a waist belt. A waist belt can break up a plain coloured dress, add a splash of colour to your black or dark outfits, or choose a black belt to break up a block of colour.

Waist belts are flattering on pear shaped and hourglass shaped women as it shows off the smaller waist. Choose a wide belt, either plain or accented with a feature buckle for a more flattering style.

Chunky elasticated waist belts are ideal for perfectly fitting your shape to your outfit and being elasticated, you dont have to worry about there not being enough holes.

Jeans Belt

A jeans belt is likely to get the most wear with any wardrobe, so opt for good quality leather or suede in a plain black or brown for a long-lasting and durable belt that will match any outfit.

Choose a chunky or skinny belt that is plain or adorned with a statement buckle. For a bolder look, choose one with metallic or jewel details to add a touch of personal style.

Hip Belt

Add some flair to a plain or simple dress with a hip belt, or layer a chunky hip belt over hipster jeans to draw attention to the hips. An asymmetric or V shaped hip belt is very flattering and slimming on larger hips.


Elasticated belts are perfect for the cinched in look when worn on the waist or can be worn lower for a comfortable fit.

Give looser clothing a more fitted and cinched in look by adding a tie or sash belt, which can be adjusted to perfectly fit your shape. Choose a belt that matches your accessories for an easy finish to any outfit.

A quality leather belt is always a go-to for any style. Leather is smooth and soft to the touch and will last for a long time. A simple leather belt can be easily paired with any smart or casual look.

When trying out a range of colours and patterns, pick faux leather for a cheaper option. Metal or metallic belt adds a gorgeous accessory to any look, with chain belts being really popular.