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Look Polished and Sharp with Women's Blazers

Women's blazers are jackets for ladies that help make their denim dressy and make party dresses look more polished. If the blazer is the right fit, you can show off those curves and look like you have lost a few pounds. Buy women's blazers on eBay and look professional and sensual.

What are the different styles of women's blazers?
  • Open-front: An open-front blazer doesn't have buttons to enclose the blazer. These women's blazers have a draped look and suit women with large busts.
  • Belted: These blazers also don't have buttons, but, as the name indicates, you can belt them. Belted blazers create either a peplum style or a straight silhouette that helps make your waist look more defined than it is.
  • Single-breasted: This standard style with a row of enclosure buttons serves you well in different settings if the fitting is on point.
  • Double-breasted: The dressy, double-breasted blazer has two button rows that let one side of the jacket overlap the other side.
What things should you consider to get your women's blazer fitting right?

Both the material and fit determine how well the blazer looks on you. Make your blazer look and feel like a second skin by checking off the following:

  • The blazer must fit across the shoulders without pulling tight.
  • The jacket should cover half of your breast (at least) when buttoned.
  • The hem must skim or glide over your hipbone.
  • The sleeves, when your hands are pointing to the ground, should hit mid-thumb.
  • The jacket can be buttoned without pulling.
How long should a women's blazer be?

Women's blazers come in different lengths. Traditionally, the blazer should end at around your hipbone. This length is flattering for most body shapes. Shorter and longer blazer lengths could also be stylish choices, depending primarily on what your preferences are. Irrespective of the length you go with, make sure the overall look creates the right silhouette.

  • Traditional: This length is standard and falls along your hipbone. It is flattering for or suits most body shapes.
  • Cropped: The cropped look is ideal when paired with skirts or pants that sit high on your waist. If you want to create an elongated look, pair the jacket with longer tops. The cropped length is your best bet for a snug fit.
  • Extra-long: These blazers are casual and effortless. When you're wearing this length, make sure you balance things out with tighter fitting bottoms.
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