Women's Lingerie Camisoles and Vests

Sleeveless underwear is a staple for any modern woman, and women's lingerie camisoles and vests are so versatile that you can wear them indoors, outdoors and with a range of outfits for almost any occasion.

Also called spaghetti tops because of their thin and delicate straps, camisoles extend down to the waist or the hips, providing an extra layer of warmth under transparent and sheer outfits.

They're usually made from cotton , satin, silk, nylon or Lycra, with tighter versions being used as a body shaper so you can achieve a more flattering figure.

Camisoles and vests are no longer just for underwear. Since modern camisole styles have built in bra or underwire support, they're often worn as standalone tops or blouses, with the straps allowing you to adjust the neckline length.

Choosing the right camisole for the right occasion

Casual attire

For a relaxed look, wear a lacy or knitted camisole with a pair of fitted jeans and sandals, plus your choice of jewellery. When it's cooler outside, you can wear a cardigan, with the lacy part being revealed near the neckline.

Business dress

Set a sophisticated tone at work with an elegant, solid coloured or printed camisole under your business shirt. Subtle and delicate prints work best, or you could choose stripes to add a little pizzazz. Vertical lines especially, help to create a streamlined silhouette, which give the illusion of more height and a slimmer figure.

Evening out

Make date night extra special by teaming an embellished camisole, with your favourite black skinny jeans and fancy heels. Or, go for an elegant look by wearing tucking the camisole in to a high waisted, knee length pencil skirt.

The bedroom

With sensuous and sheer fabrics available, you can enhance any intimate moments with a silk, chiffon or satin camisole with a deep neckline. You can choose noodle strap, strapless, halter or backless, and match with a G-string, thongs, panties or bikini bottoms to complete the look.