Women's Hats

Womens Hats

Womens hats come in many fun, unique and quirky styles and are carefully crafted from materials such as fur or faux fur, 100% cashmere, straw and 100% wool. Luxurious, high-quality hats are comfortable to wear and can instantly change the look and style of an outfit.

Beanie Hats

Beanie hats can be branded or unbranded. They fit snugly over the head and ears helping to lock in warmth and keep out the cold. Hats of this kind can be plain in design or boast a more elaborate style. Many feature quirky, multi-coloured patterns such as dots, stripes and zig-zags as well as additional details including bobbles, sequins, knitted flowers and under chin ties. Block colours are also available.


Bringing a dash of French fashion to any wardrobe, berets are easy to wear and can be teamed with both formal and casual attire alike. Berets come in a variety of colours and materials making them highly versatile with 100% wool and wool blends being particular popular.

Berets are a top choice for the winter months as they help to keep the head warm while ensuring you always look chic and stylish. Fur and woollen hats are particularly cosy, while acrylic styles offer a glamorous, lightweight alternative.

Wide Brim Hats

Wide brim hats are typically made from straw, felt, sinamay, wool and wool blends. While straw hats are ideal for protecting your eyes and keeping the sun off your face during those warm summer days, felt and woollen hats are more of a winter fashion accessory.

Sinamay is both long lasting and durable. Its used to create stunning wedding hats which usually feature eye-catching floral designs that are both elegant and beautiful. Sinamay brim hats dont easily bend out of shape and can be worn time and time again without losing their pristine condition.

Cloche Hats

Popular back in the 1920s, cloche hats can give both formal and casual attire a retro spin. Typically made from felt and designed to sit close to the head, cloche hats are worn low on the forehead and come in a variety of sizes.

While some cloche hats are relatively simple in design, others are slightly more elaborate offering everything from oversized chiffon headbands to delicately crocheted flowers. As well as felt, more modern cloche hats can be bought in a number of other materials including wool, straw, cotton and fur which bring variation to this French design.

Trilby Hats

A trendy hat with a narrow brim, trilby hats are again made from a variety of materials including straw and polyester. Known as a highly fashionable accessory, trilbies can complement formal wear perfectly, but are more commonly teamed with off-duty clothes for an edgy look.