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Womens Parkas

Womens parkas are a classic style look that can still be worn as a fashionable statement today. Whether you are looking for a traditional parka in olive green or a more contemporary vibe with a more vibrant colour, you can find a range of womens parkas to suit every taste.

Traditionally worn by the Mods in the 1960s, the parka is a style classic that can be worn over a variety of outfits, from jeansand trainers to a Modette shift dress and knee high boots. The Parka was adopted by British subcultures in the early 1960s and the parka became an icon of youth and rebellion.

A parka is typically a fur or fake fur lined hooded coatwhich protects the wearers face from the elements and can be drawn in tighter to prevent the hood from falling down.

The parka was initially designed from a practicality angle, it was designed to protect people from the freezing cold and typically had a longer body than other coats to keep the wearer warm. Most womens parkas can be found in hip length or knee length, but you can find some shorter womens parkas such as waist length parkas and even ones that are cropped.

Choose from a variety of colours for your womens parkas, from more traditional colours such as greens (khaki and olives) and blacks to more unusual colours such as silver, orange, gold and red. Pick a colour that will compliment your wardrobe as you will be wearing it on a daily basis.

A womens parka can be worn to cover up on your daily commute, on a shopping or sightseeing trip or even at festivals where they can be incredibly useful as the hood protects you from the rain and parkas typically have many pockets where you can store all of your essentials.

From Superdry and River Island to Topshop and Zara, you can find a great selection of womens parkas from a range of British names and brands. You can also find womens parkas from designer labels as well.

If you love all things vintage, you can opt for a classic vintage womens parka, either an original from the 1960s (which tend to be rather rare) or one from the second Mod style revolution of the 1980s, which are more commonly available. You can be guaranteed that you are unlikely to find another woman wearing the same vintage womens parka as you.

Womens parkas are available in a variety of brands, colours, lengths, materials and sizes and can be found in both pre-loved and brand new condition. 

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