Keep Your Feet Cosy in Women's Winter Snow Boots

If you live in icy surroundings - or if you're planning a magical winter holiday - regular shoes just won't cut it. Women's winter snow boots provide comfort, warmth and grip. That's everything you need to survive in even the chilliest conditions. Search eBay for winter snow shoes for women, and keep your toes from catching frostbite.

What to look for in women's snow boots

If it's your first time buying a pair of snow boots, you feel a bit overwhelmed. However, even if you see a lot of enticing, fashionable choices available, remember that the key here is practicality. Here are some features that every pair of snow boots should have, to see you safely through winter:

  • Warmth. This is obviously essential. Most snow boots achieve this with an internal lining. This could be sheepskin, fleece, or a similar material. Some snow shoes even have a temperature rating, indicating what they're suitable for.
  • Waterproofing. You'll find some winter boots claim to be snowproof. However, this is only good for a light snowfall. Proper waterproofing will enable you to trudge through snowbanks without getting your feet wet.
  • Grip. Look for very thick soles with deep ridges, so you'll be able to stay upright even on slippery ice.
  • A good fit. Snow boots should be very secure, with lacing or some other closing mechanism that will keep snow from getting in.
Women's snow boots for extreme cold

If you're going to be in very cold conditions, then warmth is even more important. Look for a pair of snow boots that have internal, removable booties, as they are often the warmest. As an added bonus, you can take the booties out and wear them as slippers around your ski lodge.

What size women's snow boots should you choose?

It's advisable to go a size up when choosing a pair of winter boots. That's because you'll be wearing them with thick winter socks, so you'll need a little bit more space around your feet than usual. Don't go too much bigger, though, or you'll risk the boots being uncomfortably loose, and potentially letting snow in.

Are women's snow shoes comfortable?

Ideally, a pair of snow shoes should be just as comfortable as hiking boots or trainers. Look for a pair with a sole that's thick but lightweight, so you're able to move easily, and your feet don't feel weighed down by the end of the day. There should be plenty of cushioning, so the soles of your feet don't start to ache.