World War I Militaria (1914-1918)

World War I Militaria Collectibles

World War I brought about signified some significant changes in military uniforms and equipment. Driven by necessity, out went the colourful and resplendent uniforms of past eras and in came the khaki, field grey and horizon blue colours that we still see in the modern military.

The reason for the change is obvious, this was a ground-breaking conflict that was the experimental ground for some truly devastating weapons and the need to camouflage troops was urgent. Original WWI militaria can be hard to come by, especially after the sharp increase in the number of collectors following the centennial anniversary in 2014, but in the listings, you will find a wide range of both original and replica items for your perusal.

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There are too many to go through each of them individually, but the good news is that means there is plenty of choice. Whether you are looking for medals, badges, field gear, photographs, helmets, uniform or trench art, you will find something of value to add to your collection.

WWI Medals and Ribbons

Perhaps some of the most highly sought-after collectibles are original medals and ribbons, awarded to WWI survivors, or to their families following their honourable death in service (The Death Plaque). The Iron Cross was a military decoration awarded to all service men and women, the 1914 star was awarded to officers and men of the British and Indian Expeditionary Forces and the Irish Medal was awarded to Irish Soldiers who fought for Britain.

Trench Art

This is a fascinating Militaria category, covering any decorative item made by soldiers, prisoners of war or civilians that is directly linked to armed conflict. In these listings, you may find shell cases that have been used to create sculptures, original coins that were damaged by bullets or hand carved wooden keepsakes with memorial style engravings.