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Whether you are a looking for a stylish accessory, an all functioning sports design or a luxury statement timepiece, the choice of watches is endless.

These elegant timepieces have been worn by men and women since the 1500s and are still popular today for their practical uses, attractive designs and the technology they can offer.

Watches can be in a traditional analogue style, which means they have turning hands pointing to numbers or Roman Numerals, digital display, such as those by Casio, or chronograph which means they have a stopwatch as well as a normal display dial, plus sub dials to displaying seconds, minutes and hours.

The movement of a watch tells you how it is run and can affect factors such as cost and lifespan. A watch with mechanical automatic movement means it powered by the movement of the wearer's wrist when it is worn,. If it is not worn regularly it may need re-winding by hand. A manual movement watch will need daily winding by hand. A quartz watch is powered by a battery which will last between 12 and 24 months before it will need replacing. A quartz solar powered watch converts light into energy to charge the watch.

Design houses such as Christian Dior and Armani, together with brands such as Radley and Superdry offer watches designed to be the height of fashion that can be bought to complement an outfit or make a style statement.

Watches are also produced by premium jewellers such as Tiffany and Co., famous for their use of diamonds. A stunning women's diamond cocktail watch by Tiffany and Co. is made from 18ct gold and sparkling diamonds and has a quartz movement. An antique Tiffany and Co. ladies' watch from the 1930s made from solid gold can be bought for the vintage lover.

Timepieces by specialist watchmakers such as Rolex , Cartier, Citizen and TAG Heuer offer superb craftsmanship and cutting edge designs and features. They produce watches for everyday wear and sports watches useful for the keen athlete. A sportsman might be tempted by a men's Citizen Eco Drive chronograph which uses Quartz solar power, is water resistant up to 100m and is made from stainless steel.

Sekonda produce stylish watches for men and women which are affordable and a great choice for everyday wear. A woman might choose an elegant quartz watch with a white face, analogue dial and a beige strap and a man might go for a handy chronograph watch in stainless steel silver and blue, or with a black leather strap and yellow face.

Swatch is famous for its brightly coloured eye-catching designs and produce watches for men, women and children.

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