Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Yamaha Motorcycles and Scooters

There's no experience like straddling a Yamaha motorcycle and feeling the thrilling thrum of the engine. Navigate your way out of traffic jams and enjoy the open road with Yamaha motorcycles like the Yamaha 125 for sale. Browse the vast collection of Yamaha motorcycles for sale on eBay to find just the right motorcycle for your needs.

Which features will you enjoy when you purchase a Yamaha motorcycle?

Yamaha is one of the largest producers of motorcycles. Classic Yamaha motorcycles are self-starting, with a stroke of 50-60 millimetres. The single-cylinder motorcycles have a DC CDI ignition and can reach a max of 7500 rpm. Other Yamaha motorcycles, like the 2001 Yamaha FZR 600 are sports motorcycles with four- or five-cylinder engines, a digital ignition, and an improved speed of 10,500 rpm. Over time, Yamaha has upgraded the features available on its newer motorcycles to make them faster with smoother handling. These motorcycles have ignition timing maps, a lower seat, and a fuel tank with a capacity of up to 12.8 litres. That's why brand-new Yamaha motorcycles in the UK on eBay will have features comparable to scooters found in any Yamaha shop in the UK.

How should you choose your Yamaha motorcycle or scooter?

Choosing your Yamaha motorcycle or scooter will depend a lot on the category of motorcycle or scooter that is most likely to suit your needs. Specifically, you should choose your Yamaha motorcycle based on the activity for which you need the motorcycle. Here are the categories of motorcycle offered by Yamaha:

  • Urban motorcycles: The most common type of motorcycle. These motorcycles have a medium chassis and comfortable seating. Commuters will find easier controls, a gear indicator, a fuel indicator, and the ubiquitous unified braking system.
  • Sport touring motorcycles: These motorcycles have significantly greater fuel tank capacity than other motorcycles. Such motorcycles are built to handle long distances so you can embark on the cross-country tour you've been dying to take.
  • Off-road competition motorcycles- Motocross competitors will need off-road competition motorcycles. These motorcycles are sturdy and built to handle rough terrain and intense impact after high jumps.
  • Sport scooters: These are lighter than traditional motorcycles. They're also more fuel-efficient. Later models feature electronic fuel injection.
Types of Yamaha motorcycles and scooters available on eBay

There are new and previously owned Yamaha motorcycles and scooters for sale on eBay. Peruse the selection of Yamaha motorcycles for sale and view competitively priced models like the Yamaha 125, the Yamaha BWS Zuma 125, and older scooters like the classic 1985 Yamaha QT50 moped. There are also complementary parts and accessories for sale to help you upgrade or repair your Yamaha motorcycle.