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Get the TV You Want with a YouView Box

The selection of television shows and channels available is always expanding. With the advent of on-demand TV becoming increasingly more prevalent, it will only continue to grow. With a YouView set-top box from eBay, you can put yourself in control when it comes to television entertainment.

How does a YouView box work?

YouView boxes are hybrid set-top boxes. They can be connected via your broadband internet network as well any normal television aerial. With a YouView box, you can watch Freeview and on-demand content through your television set. If you pick up a YouView box from eBay, you'll be able to watch content without contracts.

What's unique about the YouView box?

Like most platforms, YouView boxes come with on-demand content. However, YouView stands out from the crowd by allowing you the option to add on extra channels offered by other providers. This allows you to create a unique channel list that suits your interests.

Does a YouView box need to be purchased through an internet provider?

You can buy a standalone box from eBay. You'll be able to access HD and on-demand content without any issues at all. With a standalone YouView box, you won’t have to be tied down to any contracts or ongoing costs that internet providers might typically require.

What are the capabilities of a YouView Box?

In addition to over 200 channels, with a YouView box, you'll also have access to:

  • Optional Bolt-Ons: You'll have the option to add on extra channels through your internet provider. This means you can create your own personalised TV package, so you can watch only the programmes and channels that you want to watch.
  • Interactive TV Guide: YouView takes pride in their easy-to-use platform, which includes a 7-day TV guide and a built-in catch-up option.
  • Record, Pause, and Rewind Live TV: YouView set-top boxes give you the ability to pause and rewind live TV. You can also record movies and programmes onto the built-in hard drive. This gives you the freedom to watch your favourite shows whenever you want.
  • On-Demand Services: Access on-demand services through your YouView set-top box, including a wide range of television series, kids programmes, and blockbuster movies.
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