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Zboard Computer Keyboards and Numeric Keypads

For dedicated gamers, obtaining the correct hardware is vital in improving your gaming experience. Zboard computer keyboards and numeric keypads have been designed for gamers to improve the enjoyment and quality of their gameplay. They can also be used as a standard keyboard and numeric keypad.

Zboard computer keyboards and numeric keypads are particularly good for experienced PC video game players.

Comfortable gameplay

Certain keys on the Zboard computer keyboard are enlarged to assist gameplay. The bigger keys can make it easier to play games and allow for a more comfortable gaming experience. The increase in comfort is especially important to people playing an extended gaming session lasting many hours.

Zboard computer keyboards come with large keyboard wrist rests . These rests provide a more comfortable experience for users playing games and typing alike.

Adapting Zboard computer keyboards and numeric keypads

One of the key features of the Zboard keyboard and numeric keypad is that keysets are removable. Each set has been designed to suit a particular game or type of game.

Rapid fire and simultaneous keystrokes

There are many games that involve rapid pressing of various keys, with many keys needing to be pressed simultaneously to achieve a desired action.

With the Zboard computer keyboard gamers can make 7 simultaneous keystrokes. This is much more than would be possible on a standard computer keyboard and keypad and means gameplay is improved when using this keyboard set.

For some items, certain keys will already come labelled so gamers can see straightaway what function that key has for a particular game. This feature makes it easier for gamers to get straight into a game without having to read up on how to play it.

Although the Zboard computer keyboard is ideal for gamers and isn't designed like a standard QWERTY keyboard, it can still be used for all standard computer tasks.

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