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A Great Computing Experience With Zoostorm Desktop PCs

Zoostorm Desktop Computing is actively competing in a post-tablet industry. It offers gaming PCs, workstations, laptops, and all-in-one units. Whether you’re shopping for a budget-friendly Windows 7 Zoostorm Freedom XL, or prefer a top-tier Zoostorm i7, you’ll find enough flexibility to suit your needs.

Which Zoostorm computers are in the product range?

Zoostorm all-in-one offerings are tailored for home use, gaming, business, and education. The brand keeps pre-configured offerings for non-gamers as well as desktops powerful enough to achieve 3D rendering. Their models include:

  • The Zoostorm 7872 spec, which has fast components for a reasonable price.
  • The Zoostorm desktop PC Evolve i3 8 GB 1 TB. This is a stylish option for family or average work usage and has a dual-core processor.
  • The Zoostorm gaming PC, which delivers 1080p through a mid-range desktop. Its graphics card and lack of solid-state drive won’t support The Witcher 3, but it’s an affordable way to play most games.
  • The best Zoostorm PC Windows 7 can run on. These machines deliver a solid operating system in a quad-core build with 4GB of RAM.
Which desktop gaming features does Zoostorm offer?

Zoostorm desktop computers that are designed for gaming tend to pack plenty of storage space into their units, but serious gamers will need more than mere terabytes. The Tempest Zoostorm PC is among its finest builds, offering 16GB of memory, an AMD A6-6400k processor, and a terabyte of storage space. See the manufacturer's site for further details. Other features gamers should look for include:

  • A future-proof graphics card.
  • A solid state drive.
  • VR-ready technology.
  • A powerful cooling system.
Which features do you need in a Zoostorm home PC?

A Zoostorm i5 suits the vast majority of home-based requirements and the Zoostorm Evolve desktop PC is ideal for the undemanding rigours of the traditional household. It achieves a fine balance with its parts, with a strong processor and a reasonable graphics card. Home and office users might want to consider a few extra specifications:

  • A quad-core CPU and mid-range graphics card.
  • Strong support staff, such as the Zoostorm support team, who work on weekdays.
  • A PS2 connector and dual monitor mode.
  • 3.7 or more GHz.
  • A stable, well-supported operating system.
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