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Enjoy Comfort During Your Game With Adidas Golf Shoes for Men

To avoid foot strain or discomfort while walking the links, wear Adidas golf shoes for men. Comfortable options from eBay allow you to concentrate on your game and protect your feet.

Are Adipower Adidas golf shoes for men made of synthetic materials?

Yes. Adipower golf shoes by Adidas are made with a combination of synthetic materials and textiles, which helps to pull moisture away from your body on hot days. These have a thick sole made of rubber, so they stand up to hours of golfing. The synthetic material is microfibre leather, and this forged material feels like real leather but has less of the disadvantages of genuine leather. It resists ageing and hydrolysis, while lessening abrasion. These shoes flex comfortably and bounce back whenever you stretch your feet. They are also antibacterial and have a low odour.

Do Adidas golf shoes for men have antibacterial protection?

Adidas golf shoes provide men with antibacterial protection, and several models have aTPU lining which increases their moisture resistance. These increase the UV stability of the shoe, so they maintain their appearance even during long summer days. You benefit from:

  • Good flexibility at low temperatures.
  • Excellent resistance to body oils.
  • Resistance to fungal growth.
Reap the benefits of breathable Adidas Tech Response shoes

Tech Response golf shoes from Adidas have a breathable design which helps to keep your feet comfortable on busy golf weekends. These shoes are made of 75% microfibre leather and 25% mesh. The mesh is lightweight and allows air to pass freely over the front of your feet. An EVA insole provides support but is lightweight, so it doesn’t add significantly to the weight of each shoe. A six-spike configuration lifts your feet off hot surfaces and improves your speed as you walk from one point to another on the golf course. The spikes on the bottom of each cleat can be removed.

Protect your feet from impact

Adidas footwear protects your feet during long hours on the golf course, with low tops that allow your feet to flex easily. The outsole of some models is spikeless, and features traction, to increase your stability on grass. The forefoot features cushioning, which provides you with a comfortable bounce as you walk. The midsole has a responsive boost, which also boosts the level of support in your arch. These shoes adapt well to different terrain and provide a soft stretch, so you can easily climb gentle slopes.