Fishing Pliers & Hook Removers

Fishing Pliers and Hook Removers

Any angler knows that sometimes getting a hook out of a fish is a good deal harder than it is getting it in. High quality fishing pliers and hook removers make that job a lot easier, and considerably less stressful for the fish. Both fishing pliers and hook removers are very effective tools for de-hooking fish, with the former able to double up as a multipurpose fishing tool.

When buying pliers it is important to consider whether your usage will be saltwater or freshwater. Some pliers will rust and corrode very quickly if used on saltwater fish. If you are looking for saltwater fishing equipment then considered pliers or a hook that is made from aluminium, stainless steel, or titanium. All of these metals will resist corrosion for longer and maintain the plier's structural integrity. Stainless steel pliers are available from the majority of major fishing equipment brands. Alloy composition is less important for freshwater fishing pliers.

If you are buying pliers for big fish then the alloy is not your only consideration. As we all know, big fish can be tough to handle and therefore you want a good grip. Pliers with a good grip will also be useful when multitasking other jobs such as rigging lines, leaders , and applying bait .

The last, but by no means the least of your considerations should be aesthetics. Many pliers double up as useful multi-use tools. In addition pliers may feature essential gadgets for a lads fishing trip such as a bottle opener, or may simply come in a colour that you like.

Hook Removers or de-hookers are designed to get your hook out of a fish as quickly as possible whilst doing the fish the least damage as possible. Although long nosed fishing pliers can do the job, hook removers are more effective at the task.