Money Belts, Bumbags & Pouches

Money Belts, Bumbags and Pouches

Whether youre looking for something to use while working out on or holiday, youll find a wide range of money belts, bumbags and pouches to choose from. New and used styles are available from brands such as Cath Kidston, Lifeventure and Eastpak.

Money belts, bumbags and pouches can be made from leather, faux leather, canvas, cotton and synthetic fabrics, depending on whether youd like your accessory to be waterproof or machine washable. Leather versions will be built to last several years, while cotton and synthetic styles will be more affordable.

Money Belts

Money belts are typically used as a travel essential while on holiday and come with a range of hidden pockets and compartments which makes them perfect for storing money, travellers cheques, credit cards and passports.

Money belts are easy to wear and disguise under clothes, making them a good choice for safety-conscious tourists. If you dont want to leave your valuables in your hotel, but also dont want to attract lots of pickpockets, money belts can provide a discreet solution.

Whatever your style of travel you can find a money belt to suit your needs, with the majority coming in black and tan colour options. Choose from neck pouches, shoulder holsters, leg wallets and belts that are worn around the waist.

Bumbags and Pouches

While bumbags and pouches are highly functional, they can be a playful and versatile accessory too. They became a fashion staple in the 1990s made famous by celebrities like Mr Motivator and The Rock.

Nowadays theyre back in fashion and worn by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce and Jared Leto. So whether youd like a retro bumbag and pouch to complete your fancy dress outfit, or are looking for a modern twist on this classic, youll find lots of options.

Choose from bold and eye-catching Aztec and leopard print to shimmering metallic, or bright block colours in red, orange, green and pink.