Travel Pillows

Sweet dreams with travel pillows

Long journeys can be made a little easier with a comfortable travel pillow. The variety of different pillow types mean that every part of the body can be adequately supported. Head and neck support pillows are some of the most popular choices, with many people wanting to avoid a sore neck after napping in a car, on a plane or even during their morning commute on the train. 

Leg, feet and back supports might be better for car journeys, with certain designs suitable for both the driver and passengers to enjoy. 

Long-haul flights

Inflatable footrest pillows help make long journeys by aeroplane more comfortable by allowing travellers to tuck their feet up. For children, inflatable footrests can actually create enough of a flat platform for them to lie down and sleep even easier. Flock cushions are non-slip and huggable headrests suit passengers who prefer to sleep leaning forward. 

Camping and commuting

Smaller travel pillows are ideal for carrying in a backpack on a camping trip or using on a train or coach during the daily commute. U or V-shaped pillows fit around the neck or over the shoulder to provide a sturdy surface to rest on. Microbead travel pillows are versatile to support various body parts, from knees to feet, and mould to the wearer's shape, as do memory foam pillows

Children's travel pillows

Novelty pillows and clip-on seat belt cushions can help children pass the time of a long journey with a nap. Bright colours and designs make sleeping accessories easy to spot in a suitcase, and therefore it's quick to find them whenever a tired child needs a rest. Different sized pillows mean that the right level of support is available for all ages.