Convenient and portable travel alarm clocks

Whether youre someone who travels a lot for business or pleasure, or you have a mate or family member that does, travel alarm clocks are the perfect addition to anyones suitcase. Fitting into small spaces with ease, even pockets, these will help to conserve your phones battery and ensure you always wake up on time. 

With so many different styles and designs to find here on eBay, take a look through whats on offer and find that perfect beside accompaniment. 

Something for everyone

From those with jobs that take them far and wide to those who that just love to explore the world, a travel alarm clock is a handy device to have close by. 

From analogue to digital travel alarm clocks, youll find ones that can be tailored to your specific tastes. Featuring delightfully helpful snooze buttons, backlights so you can tell the time in the dead of night and even radio travel alarm clocks for those who like to wake up to music, theres something here for everyone. Choose an analogue travel alarm clock for a touch of retro style and a loud bell alarm. 

Stylish assistance

Aside from all the features on the inside, youll also find travel alarm clocks with wonderful exterior designs too. With various colours both bright and subdued, youll find simple looking square alarm clocks sitting next to sleek models and even retro designs that look like theyve jumped out of the 1950s. 

Great for gifting

Of course, if youre looking for a gift for someone whos always jet-setting, then a travel alarm clock is the perfect present pile addition. 

A personalised alarm clock is an ideal memento to remind someone of home. Here youll find cube and photo frame designs that can be tailor-made with the images of your choosing. You dont even have to relegate them to the bedside table, as youll find pocket slide and Flying Scotsman alarm clocks thatll fit into your jacket pocket with ease.