How to Choose the Right GPS Tracker Watch

GPS tracker watches use an integrated GPS receiver to help you to keep track of your location and distance travelled. GPS watches are often used in sports and fitness to help individuals track their performance and work towards goals, and are also commonly integrated with smartwatches to offer various functions. eBay has both new and used GPS tracker watches for sale at a variety of prices to suit most budgets.

What features does a GPS tracker watch have?

Each watch may have different attributes, so for specific product information refer to the manufacturers website, but the sort of things you can expect to see on a basic GPS watch include:

  • Speed and pace tracking to record how fast you are.
  • A heart rate monitor.
  • An accelerometer and pedometer to count your steps.
  • A cadence sensor for cyclists to measure rear wheel revolutions.
  • A watch screen to tell the time.
How do you choose the right GPS tracker watch?

With so many GPS watches available, all with different features, it is important to consider when you will actually be wearing the watch. So that you can make a decision about which features you will definitively need, and those you will have no use for, the following guidelines might be handy:

  • If you want a watch that will just track your basic training data such as speed, distance, and calories burned, but don’t need navigation or smartwatch features, consider a simple training watch.
  • Outdoor and hiking enthusiasts will find the features of a training and navigation watch useful. These watches offer the functions of a handheld GPS and can be used to navigate as well as to record your activity.
  • Swimmers should look out for GPS watches with water specific extras. Waterproofing, swimming metric tracking, and stroke rate features all allow a more accurate record of a workout.
  • Tech enthusiasts will enjoy using any one of the many smartwatch GPS watches that are available, particularly those mixing GPS tracking with smart apps.
How do you track data from your GPS watch?

This can vary from one manufacturer to another, but the majority of manufacturers have their own smartphone apps and computer programs to track your results and provide reports. Bluetooth enabled GPS watches connect wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, or PC, and upload your data automatically.

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